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IGNFF: And now you've traveled to Australia and elsewhere for this movie.

It was my dad who took me out there originally; then my mother and my brother came and my dad left to go back to work, and he visited five or six times, which was really good; and he'd stay for a couple of weeks, then towards the end he just stayed for the rest of the time. There was a bit more which Jeremy and Jason were doing for postproduction things, and then they went to L.

As a reward, he takes her and her two brothers to Neverland. With a little psychology, he is able to convince both Tinkerbell and Wendy to betray Peter. Peter is a confused boy on the verge of growing up. There is a scene in which Wendy and Peter share a moment that almost becomes romantic. He is actively, and aggressively refusing to face adulthood, and even the hint of maturity is something he wants to avoid. Peter flies about the Darling's bedroom like a nervous Superman.

In Neverland, they do battle with Captain Hook and the jealous Tinkerbell. In the scene where they first spy Hook, they are lying on top of fluffy clouds high up in the sky. The special effects in this version easily out class the dreary Spielberg directed Hook.

This live action Peter Pan is a better version of the 1924 play, by James Barrie, than the 1953 Walt Disney animated movie.

The Disney version is a lighthearted romp with some songs. My ten year old thought he was too old to watch this movie, as he was thinking of the Disney version.

And I've always liked drama; I've always found it really fun, like, I did go to drama club and things like that. I just, when the film came out I wanted to be able to say, 'Oh, yeah! ' So I went along, and I got a recall, and I was just happy. Then on the second one she gave me lines to rehearse for the next audition, so I rehearsed them and I just spoke them out. Because by that point, by the third audition, I thought 'I could have made it! I was actually in bed; because it was early in the morning and I wasn't going in to school that day because our school was closed. HURD-WOOD: Basically, my mom came in and woke me and said, 'They've made an offer!

IGNFF: Phone interviews are easy, nothing to worry about. After this New York trip I'll be going home, and then I will be going back to L. and things will get &#Array; it must be so exciting for you. This is my first movie, this is my first acting really I've ever done. IGNFF: For our readers, can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself? And how in the world did this whole film was there was an open-call audition that I'd heard about, or read about, and I just thought, 'Oh, I'll go along for the fun.' Because I never dreamed in a million years I'd ever get it. On the first one, I just basically told the casting lady about myself and she took photos and stuff.

In the Disney version, Mermaids do little more than smile flirtatiously at Peter. Through Wendy, the boys decide they wish for more than just a storyteller. The bittersweet ending of Peter Pan is that children do have to grow up, but this mythical figure does not.He does switch of his emotions, so he should be careful, because when they are too often switched off there is always a danger that he will not be able to switch them on again.